Slippery when wet…

I have enough difficulty walking on flat surfaces that are completely clean and dry. Throw some water and shoes with a serious lack of traction into the mixture and the outcome is generally hilarious for those viewing and catastrophic for me. Just such a situation arose the other night.

While leaving work wearing shoes with a heel and the smoothest bottom possible I began to carry the most massive load of cardboard ever to the trash room on my way out the door. What I failed to realize was that the floors had just been mopped and naturally there was a small puddle remaining right in front of my walking path. As luck would have it, I step right into this puddle of doom and go right down onto my knees. I then proceed to slide about three feet forward, kneeling and leaving cardboard in a haphazard trail behind me.

Oh, and when I glance up, at the end of the hallway the entire night time custodial crew is staring at me like I’m a rabid ostrich on loose from a nearby zoo (which in all honestly, is probably what I did look like.) Did I mention one of these night-time workers happens to be rather cute. Yes, of course he would be. I could never fall when no one is around, let alone when no one good looking is around. That is entirely too much to ask. While my knees are no longer bruised, I still hide behind panty tables whenever the custodial crew makes their closing rounds.