Windows down, system up. That’s the way I like to…sing.

Like any other average person with a love for outrageously bad pop music, I tend to express my love for it through singing and I usually do so with my windows down (weather permitting) and my volume up at semi-obnoxious levels. Yes, I am that girl who rolls through town with her bass blaring and often times listening to Britney Spears. Don’t judge! It happens.

Unfortunately it never fails that when I am deep into my singing (often with dance moves designed specifically for the car) I inevitably get caught at a stop light by the neighboring driver. Usually they stare and gawk, however I tend not to care terribly since they are almost always a complete stranger. Yet, this was not the case the other day.

As I hit the red-light in the middle of down-town I was deep into my very own duet with Justin Bieber to One Time. If you have not heard of this song then you cannot possible imagine how horribly bad this song is and you should probably  CLICK ME. Now that you understand my musical dilemma I shall continue.

I was in full-on dance mode, singing loudly with the windows down and in mid-head bob to the left I notice the car in the lane next to me does not hold a stranger, instead it hold a very familiar face, an old male friend from high school. Said old friend is staring at me around the head of who can only be his girlfriend, and both have an expression of horror and extreme amusement on their faces. On the opposite side of the lane, I’m pretty sure my face looked a little something like this kids:

Best believe the moment that light turned green I did 0 to 60 in under five seconds to get away from the catastrophe that had just occurred in my life. New rule in my life: When singing in the car, if one reaches a stop sign, red light or any other sudden stop ALWAYS examine surroundings before continuing with singing.

Lesson learned.