Glass should be tinted. Really, it should.

Glass doors and I usually get along just fine. I can usually encouter them and managed to properly use them without causing a scene. However, when you throw an unexpected blast from the past in to the situation apparently anything goes.

While popping into the lovely local (and by local I mean 25 minutes away from my actual house local) 24 hour truck stop to pick up an Arizona half&half earlier today I naturally ran into someone from my high school, since apparently no one ever leaves this is too be expected.

door1-447x1024I, however, was fully unprepared to sustain conversation with the former hottness that stopped to ‘catch up’ with me. In my panicked attempt to flee the situation as I politely said, “Good to see you but I’m running late!” I failed to work a simple glass door. Instead I decided that it would be much more attractive and dignified to pull on the door, which of course is clearly labeled PUSH in massive lettering on the side, and quickly hustle my whole body into it. Naturally I went down hard and hit myself with my hard, cold can of half&half. Damn my beverage needs.

After taking a pause to sigh deeply at the crap-factor of my life I hopped up and scurried back to my car without saying anything and then proceeded to drive home holding my can to my face to curb the fat-lip I could feel coming. That definitely looked cool to everyone passing me.